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On days when playing conditions are questionable, every attempt will be made to provide playability/rainout
information on the Home Page of the Warrendale Little League website.

If no notice appears on the website, or you have not received a call from your Team manager, assume that
your game field is playable and that your game will be played as scheduled.

The Individual League directors are responsible for calling games for unplayable field conditions, followed by the League President.  In many cases, the decision to play or not play is a “game time decision”. 
Game Time Decisions are made by League Directors or the League President and NOT by individual Team Managers
or coaches.

How to learn the status of your game:      
          1) Check the website.
               If no information is on the website: 
          2) TEAM MANAGERS ONLY:  Call your League Director. 
          3) PLAYERS:  Call your Team Manager – If you have not received a call from your team
               manager then assume that the game will be played. 

If the fields are playable, then we will play the game even in light rain.
If you are unable to obtain rainout information, plan on playing at your scheduled time.

When in doubt, SHOW UP.