Little League-Youth Baseball League serving the city of Waltham, MA. Register your child for Youth Baseball with Warrendale Little League.

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The “home” team is the team that will be assigned shack duty. The shack duties are coordinated ny team managers or the head coach.  Once the Major and Minor home games have been filled, any remaining parents will need to sign up for the play-off schedule to be posted for available dates.  AA and Rookie parents may also sign up for shack duty during an eveing game; check website for eligibility and availability.

1. Shift hours are longer than the game. On weekdays, we count on you to help us set up and start
selling before the first pitch is thrown (the kids are there with their money the second the grate
goes up) and to help clean up after we close. On weekends we need extra help between games
when everyone seems hungry or thirsty, so an overlap of shift workers is important to manage
the crowd. The Shack Supervisor will coordinate each transition between games.
Please report to the shack 30 minutes BEFORE your scheduled game time. (If you are
assigned a 9:00 a.m. game, please arrive at 9:00 a.m., not 8:30 a.m.) Plan to stay at least
30 minutes after your game if it is not the last game of the day. If you are working the last
game of the day (and all weekday games), we need you to stay until the shack is cleaned
and locked up. We know this can be hard, especially if you have small children. Please
plan accordingly.

2. If you need to change your shack duty date, please contact your Team Manager and Coach.   Please forward all changes to o we can keep the schedule updated and knows whom to expect for each game.

3. In the event of a rain out/delay the individual assigned shack duty during a rain out/delay is
responsible for that game when it resumes or when it is rescheduled. Please check with your
coach for that date and time.

4. Long hair must be tied back and please wear closed toe shoes. Children under the age of 13 are
NOT permitted inside the shack at any time. These regulations are a mandated order per the
Department of Public Health and Safety.  Instructions for the actual tasks (e.g. making popcorn, working the register, prices) will be provided at the shack. It’s not hard; it's actually a lot of fun and a great way to meet a lot of the families in the league.

5. The shack and the league count on you! Besides the food service we provide to players and
families, we are the primary fundraiser for the league. We count on every family to work one shift
per child in the league (maximum of three shifts). Failure to cover your shack duty can lead to a
$100 assessment and an inability to register your child for next year until payment is made.
Contact Information:
Warrendale Shack: (781) 647-9498 (answered only when games are being played)