Little League-Youth Baseball League serving the city of Waltham, MA. Register your child for Youth Baseball with Warrendale Little League.

Sponsored By:   Brian Fitzpatrick, Coldwell Banker
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  • Two (2) certified umpires will be used for all games.

  • Each league will pay for the umpires for games played at their own field.


Mercy Rule -

Twelve (12) run lead after four (4) complete innings.  This rule is automatic.

Bats - All approved USA baseball bats (regardless of Cal Ripken League or Little League bats will be allowed in the tournament.


Major League            –    No restrictions       

Minor League              –   Steal 2nd base is allowed with no advance on overthrow

  • No stealing 3rd base or home plate.


Pitching (both levels)

         Maximum 6 innings between Games 1 and Game 2.

         Maximum 6 innings between Games 2 and Game 3.


Batting / Pitching

  • Both levels – 10 players bat in the lineup.DH and all players must play 3 innings in field and have one at-bat.The innings do not need to be continuous.

  • Free substitution is allowed for players to switch between positions in the field during a game, except a pitcher once removed from the mound cannot return as a pitcher.

  • Curveballs will be allowed at the Major league level only in the tournament.

  • No Intentional walks are allowed at either level.

Call up players (if needed)  

If call up players are needed for a Minor or Major team in the tournament to fill their roster, these call up players must come from a lower division than the team they are going to play for. 

Example:  If a Major team needs a call up, that player must come from the Minor league level.  If a Minor team needs a call up, that player must come from the AA/Rookie level.

Miscellaneous Rules

  • No slashing/slash-bunting

  • Appealing bases will be allowed

  • Slide or avoid contact on bases

  • Re-entry of a player will be allowed for injury purposes only

  • An official game must have 4 innings played. If a game is rained out prior to that, the game must be made up from the beginning, but pitchers thrown during the rainout are still counted.

  • HIGHER SEED is the home team. Teams equally seeded, flip coin before the game to determine home.

  • One pitch thrown in an inning = 1 inning that counts towards the maximum per pitcher allowed per tournament rules.

  • All kids will get pizza and a drink after each game provided by hosting team/league