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Fall Ball Program

September and October is a marvelous time to be on the diamonds with a focus upon skills
improvement and development prior to next spring. We hope that all of your baseball
families enjoy this unique opportunity to polish hitting, fielding, and throwing before the
frost hits the pumpkin. Play ball!


Babe Ruth Prep Division
For players who will be 13 years old on or before April 30, 2016. (a select few 14s may be
allowed to participate if it helps roster numbers)

LL Majors Division
For players who will be 11 or 12 years old on or before April 30, 2016.

LL Minors Division
For players who will be 9 or 10 years old on or before April 30, 2016.


Playing Conditions
The home team is responsible for the condition of the playing field. The infield should be
groomed and marked with foul lines. An outfield fence is not mandatory.

The home team is responsible for providing and paying one plate umpire. An infield judge
is not required. Uncertified umpires, if used, should be exceptionally mature and
knowledgeable. Payment of the plate umpire is the sole responsibility of the home team.

The home team manager is responsible for notifying the visiting team in the event
inclement weather does not permit a game to be started. The home team shall
make every effort to notify the visiting team in sufficient time to keep them from
traveling unnecessarily. Once the game has started, the umpires have control of
the game and shall decide when a game can be stopped and/or terminated.
Games postponed or stopped are made up at the discretion of the teams


Official Rules
Playing rules will adhere to official Little League and Babe Ruth rulebooks, except
as noted herein.

Getting the Game Started—Late Arrivals
Umpires are directed to start the games on time. Teams that arrive early for a
game shall have equitable on-field warm-up time not to extend beyond the official
starting time. Teams that arrive after the official starting time shall have no onfield
warm-up time and are expected to start the game as quickly as possible.

Every player dressed for a game MUST play a minimum of 3 defensive innings.
There shall be free substitution on defense, with the exception of pitcher.
Managers shall make every effort to ensure that no player sits out two
consecutive innings on defense.

Pitchers are limited to 2 innings per game in LL division games, and 3 innings per
game in BR Prep. A pitcher removed from the mound shall not pitch again in that
O n e p i t c h e q u a l s o n e i n n i n g .

Trips to the Mound
A pitcher must be removed from the mound on the second trip to the mound by
any coach during an inning. A “trip” is defined as follows:
1) Any time the umpire calls time out so that any of the coaches may confer
with the pitcher, or
2) Any time the umpire calls time out so that any of the coaches may confer
with any player who subsequently confers with the pitcher before the
pitcher delivers another pitch.

Batting Order
There shall be a continuous or “universal batting order” comprised of all players
dressed for the game. This means that each player will bat, when they are due,
even if they are not currently in the defensive lineup that inning.

Bat Specifications
Wooden or metal bats may be used. Metal Babe Ruth Prep bats will have 2 5/8”
diameter barrels and carry a “drop 3” ratio. Metal Little League bats will have
2.25” diameter barrels and display the “Little League Approved” logo on the
Any player who reaches base safely while using an illegal bat shall, upon appeal
by the manager of the opposing team before the first pitch to the next batter, be
declared out and the ball declared a dead ball. All runners shall return to the
bases they occupied when the batter first took his/her position in the batter’s box.

Baseball shoes
Metal spikes are not permitted in LL Majors or LL Minors, and are discouraged for
use in Babe Ruth Prep this fall.

In LL Minors games ONLY: runners on third base may NOT steal home, advance
to home on a passed ball, or attempt same on an overthrow to the pitcher from
the catcher. Runners at first and second may advance — at their own risk — to
an open base AFTER a pitch has crossed home plate. Runners will be issued
one warning for leaving base early.

Infield Fly Rule
The infield fly rule will be enforced for the LL Minors, the LL Majors, and Babe
Ruth Divisions.

A runner must avoid a collision with a fielder by attempting to get around the
fielder or by sliding. If, in the judgment of the umpire, the runner does not avoid a
collision, the runner is out. If, in the judgment of the umpire, a runner deliberately
collides with a fielder, the runner shall be ejected from the game for
unsportsmanlike conduct.

Mercy Rule
A half-inning will be declared over (with less than 3 outs) any time the when the
batting team has scored 5 runs. Only 5 runs will be counted in that inning.
Drop Third Strike

LL Majors Game Only:
If a batter has a strike called, and it is the third strike, and the catcher drops the
ball, then the batter may try to advance to first. The catcher may try to throw the
ball to first to get the batter out.
The batter can try to go to 1st on a drop 3rd strike if the base is open with less
then 3 outs. If 1st base has a runner with less then 3 outs then the batter is out. If
it’s the 3rd out then they can try to make it to 1st even if the base has a runner. Of
course all the runners must try to advance to the next base too. Also a big note to
this is that the batter must make their first move toward 1st on the dropped 3rd
strike. If they step to the dugout they give themselves up and are out.

Official Games
Babe Ruth Prep games will be 7 innings in length, but not exceed 2 hours 15
minutes. Little League games will be 6 innings, but not exceed 2 hours.

Adult Coaches
A maximum of 4 adults will be allowed on the bench during the game: one
manager, two coaches and one scorer. Adult coaches will be allowed in the
baseline coaches’ boxes.

Code of Conduct
Fall Ball coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, parents, and
especially —themselves. Participants are expected to adhere to the best
traditions of fair play so that everyone takes away a positive experience.

Game Preparation
Because published schedules can sometimes be misread, it is good policy to
contact the opposing coach for confirmation of game time and field location. A
courtesy phone call each Friday or Saturday will prevent embarrassing episodes
such as driving to a wrong field (or town) on Sunday afternoon.