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The 2016 Cal Ripken Districts are days away.  They are broken into two date sets:
10s and 12s start at the end of this week and 9s and 11s start at the end of next week.
Attached you will find an excel spreadsheet with contact info and all of the brackets but the 11s, which will be added tomorrow.
Friday we start with the 12s in Burlington. Saturday we start with the 10s in Belmont.
Paperwork is a key component to each team's tournament trail effort. Without approved paperwork a team is NOT qualified to compete.
Paperwork requirements:
1. Proper Babe Ruth roster (generated online) minimum 12 and maximum 15 players
2. certificate of insurance
3. letter of eligibility (granted when dues are paid and charter requirements are met)
4. Player proof of birth (either an ACTUAL birth certificate or a babe ruth player card). 
5. Team photo
6. Coach training certificate
7. all in one neat binder which remains at the host site until a team is eliminated or moves on to the states
General Notes
1. Home team decides the dugout of their choice
2. pregame routine:
     30 minutes before game start, home team on field for 10 minutes
     20 minutes before game start, away team on field for 10 minutes
     10 minutes before game start, ground rules / lineup exchange
3. both teams pay one umpire (ump fee for all districts is $55.00 per umpire)
4. All players in similar and complete uniform with Cal Ripken patch on the shirt or the hat
5. All coaches in full uniform (with number on shirt) Note: coach uniform may differ from player uniform, but must be a full uniform.       No shorts, No khakis, No shirts other than uniform shirts. 
6. The full uniform rule is in effect beginning 30 minutes before game time.
7. If a host site has a snack bar, teams and fans are instructed NOT to bring food and drink. Please respect the host site 
    and avail yourself of their snack bar.
8. Each team is responsible for providing 3 game balls to start and alternating thereafter.
9. Acceptable game balls are Rawlings RCal and Diamond DCR
10.In the absence of a host site official book the home book is official
11. A team staff includes one manager and two coaches.  A scorekeeper must NOT be in the dugout, 
     but may be outside the fence near the dugout.
12. Bat Boys are allowed, and must be in full uniform and wear a helmet at ALL times.
13. No one is allowed on the field other than players and base coaches.
14. Pitchers may pitch 6 innings in any one day or in two consecutive games. Days of rest do not apply.
15. Pitcher eligibility is recommended as part of the ground rules discussion.
16. Each team is to provide the name of a protest committee member at ground rules. These team representatives 
      and one host site choice will decide any protest related to rules interpretation. The decision will be made on site and will be final.
17. Slashing is not allowed
18. Dropped third strike advance is allowed in 11 and 12 year old play.
19. Head first slide is allowed.
20. Managers are responsible for the conduct of their teams, their coaches and their fans.
If anyone has a question of any sort, please send it to your club president, who can answer them for you or compile them and contact the host contact or me.
Currently districts 1 and 7 are overseen by me (Michael Creane) and Paul Carroll.
I am the district commissioner and Paul is the assistant district commissioner.
All books must have been approved prior to a team's first game.